Forklift battery service -

No forklift truck stops with us!


  • Free initial viewing

  • Battery service for your entire fleet  

  • Professional input for the correct charging technology  

  • Short maintenance downtime  

  • A good price / performance ratio 

Inventory of all devices 

We provide a test report and evaluate the condition of your device. 

Annual battery service   

Through our annual battery service, we can ensure that possible breakdowns with your forklifts can be avoided. 

Charging technology for energy boost  

We can advise you on the correct charging technology to avoid additional costs and complications. 

A fair price-performance ratio  

Along with an excellent service, we offer a competitive price-performance ratio 

Our service technicians are happy to test your batteries! 

You can contact us through our service hotline +43 (0) 5572 33989 or complete the 

online contact form.