You have an idea for which you need an individual battery for it? No problem! We can find the right solution. We will support you to develop and achieve your idea.  


All our development phases follow a structured procedure with defined processes. With modern working material, we can achieve our customers’ requirements in an efficient and flexible way. Whether it is a simple Ni-Mh battery or an individually developed Li-Ion battery with its own BMS (Battery Management System). With over 20 years of experience our engineers have an extensive, dependable know-how in the development of batteries. Our expert knowledge of the correct charging technology or battery monitoring systems allows us to offer the skills required to complete the whole development process. 

Building a prototype

With the help of our partners we can create a housing prototype in a short period of time. In combination with the first electronic samples, this makes it possible to build a first near-series test sample without any problems. 


Quality from Austria! We can provide a quick and flexible serial production with our in-house production capabilities. High quality and a short delivery time are integral to us. Our production facilities use the most up to date technology. Our battery packs are produced in an ESD (electrostatic discharge protected) area to ensure the prevention of electronical faults.