Business Principles

Since 1995 we have been successfully active in the European market as an accumulator and battery expert.

With highly qualified and motivated employees at our sites and in the field, we are a full-service provider in the complete mobile energy sector. We store over 10,000 products as well as having our own production of Li-ion systems, cell-exchange and individual assembly solutions.

Energy for our customers:

  • We listen to our customers and always find the right product for their requirements
  • We build and develop long term relationships with our customers
  • Outstanding product quality along with qualified professional advice
  • A competitive price-performance ratio
  • We strive to always be a step ahead with our products and services

These basic considerations allow our customers to focus their energy on their own products and services.

Energy for our employees:

Respectful working environment

  • High leadership competence and role model effect of our executives
  • Working independently and individual responsibility are a top priority
  • Continual advancement of our employees’ skills and competences
  • The goals of the employee are in harmony with the goals of the company

These principles provide our employees with the necessary energy to successfully achieve their personal and professional goals.

Energy for our partners:

  • Our suppliers become our partners
  • We work to build long-term and consistent business relationships with our suppliers
  • We expect quality, punctuality and reliability from our suppliers
  • Our long-term goals are positioned in accordance with the price performance ratio of our suppliers
  • We are an open-minded organization, continually seeking out opportunities that enable us to offer the best to our customers. 

These fundamental values provide our partners with the energy to grow and thrive along with us.