The right care for starter batteries in winter: Tips from the battery expert

The cold winter months can be a real challenge for starter batteries in cars and motorcycles. Proper battery care is therefore crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of starting problems. As battery specialists at Akku Mäser, we would like to give you some valuable tips on how best to get your starter batteries through the winter.

1. Check the State of Charge:

It is important to regularly monitor the state of charge of the starter battery, regardless of its type, in order to maintain the maximum charging capacity in the long term. A reliable and sufficient charge makes a decisive contribution to extending the battery's service life.

2. Avoid Deep Discharging:

Especially when the vehicle is parked for long periods, a suitable charger can effectively counteract a voltage drop and damaging deep discharge. This can be avoided with a suitable charger. High-quality chargers measure the battery capacity and automatically regulate the charging current.

3. Avoid Electrical Consumers:

The targeted switching off of electrical consumers such as seat and steering wheel heating reduces fuel consumption and conserves the battery, which contributes to more efficient energy management in the vehicle. At the same time, components that serve driving safety, such as the headlights at dusk and important electronic assistants, should remain activated. On longer journeys, the battery can be recharged at low alternator speeds.

4. Ensure a Clean Environment:

A clean environment where the battery is installed reduces self-discharge, as dirt near the battery terminals in combination with moisture can promote leakage currents. Cleaning the terminals and connections prevents corroded contacts, minimizes contact resistance and thus improves charge absorption and cold start capability.

5. Get Advise from Experts

Our expert team at Akku Mäser will be happy to answer your questions about battery care. We specialize in understanding the individual needs of our customers and offering tailor-made solutions. You can rely on our many years of experience in the battery sector and do not hesitate to contact us. Your starter batteries are in good hands with us!