NEcharge - Official Partner for Chargers "Made in Austria"

Our enthusiasm for electric mobility has reached a new peak: we are proud to announce that we are the official sales partner of NEcharge, a renowned electric car charger manufacturer from Austria. This exciting partnership is in line with our mission to further advance electromobility and offer sustainable solutions for tomorrow's mobility.

Common roots, common aspirations

We are united not only by our common origins, but also by our shared passion for promoting electromobility with NEcharge. The production of innovative and high-quality chargers for electric cars is a testament to our commitment to this forward-looking technology.

Product details that inspire

NEcharge's charger is described as a "mobile wallbox replacement", which means that it offers you the possibility to charge your electric vehicle without an additional charging station. This plug-and-play charger with a modern LED display offers electric car owners an extremely convenient way to charge their vehicles. All information about the charging process is transmitted directly to your vehicle's display.

With a charging power of 11 kW and 16 amps, the NEcharge charger enables almost all electric vehicles to be charged quickly and efficiently via alternating current (AC). It also features a Schuko mode and manual amp setting to meet your individual needs.

Focus on sustainability
NEcharge's mobile charging station stands for Green Tech and Green Energy. It was designed and produced in Austria, with most of the components also coming from Austria. This sustainable production underlines our commitment to an environmentally friendly future.

Elegant design and intuitive handling
The NEcharge One impresses not only with its technical features, but also with its elegant and sleek design. We focus on high-quality materials and intuitive handling to ensure that charging your electric vehicle is as smooth and appealing as possible.

We look forward to offering you these outstanding chargers from NEcharge in the future and working together to promote electric mobility. Keep your finger on the pulse and experience the future of mobility with us!